Playing traditional and contemporary bagpipe music from Scotland and beyond.

Music & Tradition

The Pipe Band is home to some of the nation's most experienced pipers and drummers, and invites those interested in tuition.

Since 1914

With 100 years of rich history, our band is one of the nation's oldest in continuous operation.

P/M Jared Otto
Devin Abbott
Kenny Adams
Brigid Blakeslee
Andrew Choate
Dave Curtis
James Dickerson
Don Dixon
Bobby Dunn
John Hughes
William Hughes
Mike MacNintch
Paul McRanor
Jed Otto
Jake Pezzulo
Roger Ritchie
Josh Spencer

L/D Wes Cole
Doug Dixon
Ryan Jones
Ryan McArthur
Alex Robertson
Mike St. Germain

Jake Otto – Bass
Beth Dickerson
Liam Dickerson
Owen Padgett