MPB & CoW to Collaborate for 2015 Competition Season

By Yoann Le Goff in : Competition // Dec 3 2014

cowlogoThe Manchester Pipe Band, of Manchester CT, is excited to announce a partnership with the City of Washington Pipe Band for the upcoming competition season. The partnership will expose current MPB pipers to regular instruction from P/M Dan Lyden and P/S Ben McClamrock of CoW, and members of both bands will compete together for the 2015 season. The band will register with the EUSPBA in Grade 3 as the Manchester Pipe Band.

The collaboration will accelerate the pace of development within MPB, improving access to high-quality instruction for MPB pipers, and redoubling MPB’s efforts to field a pipe band at the forefront of the grade. “MPB has made great strides in the past year advancing the standing of the pipe section and rebuilding the drum corps,” said MPB P/M Jared Otto, “we’re committed to developing a local environment for pipers and drummers that allows them to both improve individually and contribute to a competitive band. This partnership will help us foster that environment.”

Both organizations will continue to be run autonomously, maintaining their own practice and performance schedules, but will hold alternating monthly weekend practices in both Connecticut and Maryland. P/M of the band will be Jared Otto, with Lyden taking responsibility for piping instruction & musical interpretation while the MPB drum corps will continue to be led by Wes Cole. The objective of both organizations will be to build a highly competitive band while maintaining a development focused local-band environment.

MPB is looking forward to putting out a large, competitive band this coming season with an active roster of 25 pipes, 8 sides, 2 tenors and a bass. The band is actively seeking interested pipers & drummers from the surrounding area. Please contact for any inquiries.

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  1. christian lawson December 6, 2014 8:05 am

    awesome cant wait that’s incredible news Ive been a fan of the pipes since I was born.
    happy holidays see you all next year.

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